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About RMC Ecobuild


RMC EcoBuild is a Specialist Contractor for External Wall Insulation with vast experience in Design, Installation, Supply and Maintenance.  We specialise in the upgrading & refurbishment of existing housing and commercial buildings and also in the Passive Housing area where we are achieving very high standards through innovative detailing and a quality service provided by RMC EcoBuild.


At RMC Ecobuild we pride ourselves on providing a professional quality service to all of our clients while always focused on customer satisfaction and that is why each individual project is overseen by our engineers and energy assessors and works are carried out by experienced & Skilled craftsmen.  This ensures that the client receives a very high level of service and the project is completed to the highest of standards.  




How External Wall Insulation is Applied

The installation process involves the fixing of insulation panels to the external face of the external walls using a cementious adhesive and fixings. Once the insulation panels have been fitted they are then covered with a special base coat (lightweight plaster) which is reinforced with mesh.  Then final coat render is applied in the chosen colour and texture.





Benefits of choosing External Wall Insulation


•Ensures consistent U-values.

•Improves thermal performance.

•Lowers CO2 emissions.

•Lowers annual fuel costs for heating.

•Prevents moisture penetration

•Prevents mould growth & dampness caused by moisture penetrating external walls.

•Minimises thermal bridging.(see building regulation ACD’s)

•Improves the air tightness of the building by removing drafts

•Improves comfort levels for the occupier.

•Optimises the thermal mass of the building.

•Avoids disruptive internal works for refurbishment.

•Does not reduce the size of rooms with refurbishment.

•Works carried out during occupancy with refurbishment.

•Gives major aesthetic improvements to the building.

•Renews aging exterior finishes.

•Protects the fabric of the building.

•Available in a wide range of finishes.

•Grant assisted with SEAI Better Energy Homes Scheme.






The products we use are fully NSAI Certified and suitable for the refurbishment of existing solid wall buildings and also new-build projects.  We offer a large range of finishes from Smooth Acrylic, Textured Acrylic, Brick Effect, Dry Dash, Wet Dash, Mineral Render & Silicone.  We also have a variety of Window Cills to offer from Power Coated Aluminium, Insulated Zinc Coated, and GRC Cill (Concrete Cill).  The fact that we have such a large range of products to choose from makes us unique.  





Choice of Finishes


GRC Cill :  Fits over existing cill and Replicates the traditional concrete Cill commonly used here in Ireland


Acrylic Finish is the most commonly used finish here in Ireland and is available in over 240 colours.


There is also Dash finishes both wet and dry dash as well as brick effect finish which can be used to retain the existing look of the building while minimising heat loss and increasing comfort levels for the occupier.




Why RMC Ecobuild have chosen EPS Insulation for use with External


•EPS contains no CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs or formaldehyde which along with the benefits for the environment it also has no adverse effects when used with external insulation unlike some other insulation products which can react with cementious and acrylic products.

•EPS is inert, non-nutritive and highly stable, and therefore will not decompose, decay or produce undesirable gases.

•EPS is recyclable and safe for WTE systems and landfills.

•EPS is 100% recyclable and we encourage you to support recycling and energy conservation in your area.