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How much money can I save with external insulation?

Case Study (Listowel)


John has a 3 bedroom detached bungalow with a footprint of 120 sqm (1290ft2). He has an annual heating bill of €1,800.  John has solid masonry (or hollow block) walls & needs to use external (or internal) insulation for his home as there is no cavity in his walls.  The costs for external insulation systems installed was approx €10,500 (excluding grant).The Grant available from SEAI to Externally Insulate John’s house was €3,600. Taking this measure resulted in John reducing his heating bill by almost 35%, more than €620 in his annual heating bill.  


John also had a problem with dampness and mould growth in two rooms prior to the installation of external insulation.  Since the completion of the external insulation works there has been no reoccurrence of the dampness or mould that existed previously.  This has resulted in a healthier living environment for John and his family.  


John has also noticed that on windy nights there is no longer a cold draught coming from the sitting room window.  This is because external insulation uses special seals around window openings as well as installing new insulated window sills.

John & his family now enjoy a more comfortable warm and healthier home and would highly recommend external wall insulation to other homeowners.  


John:  “It’s almost like we are living in a different house with the real saving being the comfort we now have in our own home.  I would strongly recommend RMC Ecobuild as being one of the best in their field and having dealt with Jer & Paudie I would have no hesitation recommending them”